Monday, November 10, 2008

Striking Fear

Yesterday my husband showed me a picture of the Prime Minister of Iran, and asked me if he scared me. I thought he wanted me to say yes, so I round about said um, not really I don't think so why? He said me either, I was just wondering, because I just read a news article about how evil he is, he doesn't look real evil to me, he doesn't strike terror into my heart. I said me either.
I said people who scare me by their pictures are people like Hillary Clinton (I am so glad she lost the primary.) and Ted Kennedy (I admit I found a partially awful picture of Ted, but he freaks me out.)Then later that night as we were about to go to bed, I said very excitedly, oh, I know who really freaks me out, Condoleezza Rice!Nothing strikes more fear in my heart than a picture of Condi Rice.
(See I'm bipartisan, both republicans' and democrats' pictures gives me nightmares.)
How about you? Are there politicians out there in the world that you see their picture and they scare you?
P.S. To make it even, I added another Republican, my husband can't stand to see pictures of Giuliani.(These pictures are probably all copyrighted so hopefully I don't get in trouble.)
P.P.S. Speaking of Politicians' Pictures, when I got my most recent Time Magazine, I said to my husband I'm so sick of seeing life size pictures of Obama on the cover. I brought up when an unnamed female relative said, the positive thing about Obama being elected is he is at least attractive and has a nice voice. And while I agree that after 8 years of listening to President Bush sound like a moron, we need a break, I am not attracted to Obama so I don't want life size facial shots of him in my house every other week. My husband said it could be worse, life size shots of McCain. I said no what would be really bad, is life size shots of Cindy.If someone really wanted to give me nightmares show me pictures of Cindy and Condi together. Ahh! What really gets me is Condoleezza's eyes, even when she is smiling they look devoid and angry. I believe what they say, about someone's eyes being the window of their soul, so I always look at politician's eyes. Let me tell you in my opinion, there are some pretty gruesome eyes to behold out there in the news. And now I am done with my extremely politically incorrect blog post. (By the way I don't think Cindy is scary, I just think she looks like a weirdo and I don't like to see pictures of her.)


  1. Condi for me too. And likewise, I am tired of the constant Obama photos. I feel like its all I've seen for two years.

  2. Ha! This made me laugh really hard. Okay, pictures of Dick Cheney scare me the most. He always looks really devilish.

  3. This was the scariest blog I have looked at in a long time! Stop Le Please stop posting these scary pictures!

  4. That picture of Cindy reminds me of the Crypt Keeper. Scary.

    I'll tell you what scares me about Hillary... that hair! How can it be so difficult to get a decent hair cut??