Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bye Bye Mop

The other day was hair cutting day for the boys in my house. My husband shaved his head first then my son's. This is a before shot. He has curly hair, as far as I've been able to piece together he is the first small child to have curly hair in two generations. His paternal grandfather has curly hair, as does his maternal grandma. And although I think his hair looked fantastic the day we decided to cut it, it rarely looked this good, and it was getting very long on the sides. I'm not that good of a hair cutter to trim everything, because once the sides got trimmed the top would have been too long. Usually his hair just looked like a messy mop, from bedhead and such. I have no idea what to do with small child boy curly hair, other than gel, and I'm not much of a gel fan for small boys.
Here is the after, it was sad to see the curls on the ground. Although his eyes are much more noticeably brown and big now (where as before the were noticeable but melted into the other brown on his head).
Pictures are no indicator, but while my husband was shaving the boy's head, I said I think he has my family's color of hair, its not the right shade for your family. My husband agreed.


  1. He looks like a little Mexican baby now! :)

  2. Peter had curly hair as a small child and one day his Dad decided to shave it while his mom was gone. It grew back straight as can be and was never curly again. Let's hope that doesn't happy with J, those curls are super cute!

  3. oh I loved the curls! but he does have great eyes for a shaved head

  4. By the way the real reason his head his shaved, is my husband does not like longish hair on boys. (although he did spend many years with a bowl cut so...)