Monday, April 18, 2016

Things I've been working on

Along with selling my house I've been working on some other things:
1. Getting my two middle children to enjoy each other instead of fighting all day.
2. Having meaning interactions with my oldest.
3. Looking for people to serve.

Just last week I added another one:
4. Not letting my children whine mom. Whenever they do I tell them that's not my name. Then they roll their eyes and sweetly say my dearest mother.

It's been going pretty well. All of them. Things I've tried with success with my middle children:
1. When they are fighting tell them no one is allowed to talk. It usually takes 3 times but eventually they stop talking because I'm serious about the silence.
2. Ask each of them to tell me something they like about the other.
3. Find time for them to play together when their other brothers are not around.
4. When one is annoying the other point out I think he or she wants to play with you/wants attention from you.

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