Friday, April 15, 2016

How are you doing? Everyday

For three years my daughter and I brought lunch into my oldest at least once a school year from a restaurant. The other day, she reminded me that I never brought her lunch in. I replied sure I did, at thanksgiving feast day, the little boys and I came in. She reposed, you came in, but you didn't bring restaurant food. I looked at her dad, oh yeah we were going on vacation the next day and I didn't want to eat McDonald's twice in two days. (I was also trying to save money.)

Today I had a showing at 11 am for my house. So we ran an errand, then went to McDonalds and brought it to my 1st grader. We ate lunch in the cafeteria with her. As previously mentioned I've done this multiple times over the years so I knew exactly would it would entale. Me sitting at a table made for children not adults, and making sure I don't lose a toddler. I knew my child would not talk to me, I knew it was more of a mutual presence then conversation. Its more of I'm queen of the table because my mom is here, but you my friend, your life is far more interesting then anything my mom has to talk about. Which is good, its how it should be.

Afterward my boys and I were walking to the car and they got distracted by a sand pile. I mean what normal human doesn't get distracted by a sand pile, they are by far the most interesting things in the world, unless they occur in your own backyard and then, then they are covered in weeds and keeping you away from tv time. So as they were playing in sand, I was sanding in the median of a parking lot, when the nearest mini van rolls down her window. Turns out its my friend, 20 minutes early to dropping off her PM kindergartner. After she yells hey, she said, you look like your barely surviving. I laughed, I looked that good? you mean from house showings or being in public with toddler boys? She laughed, the toddlers. I said, yeah you are probably right but this is an everyday. We never look better, this is a better day.

Everyday I'm barely surviving with my toddler boys because everyday I am keeping them from dying. Every day I'm trying to keep them from getting run over in parking lot, or from running in my street in front of a car, or from just generally running away from me, everyday I'm trying to keep my house from falling apart because if someone doesn't watch them, they will literally throw food all over the main floor of my house, or chuck metal matchbox cars all over the house and dent the floor and furniture. Everyday, I keeping them from falling on their heads, and hitting me in the face. Everyday, everyday, everyday I hear a chorus of screams yelling candy! No they never get candy when they scream at me. Everyday, I wonder how a mother of twins ever do it.
Everyday I take them in public someone either tells me oh you must be busy, oh you must be tired, or oh they are adorable, a sympathetic smile or a keep trying. I guess its a blessing they are cute, rarely people seem to look like they are judging me, normally they look like they are just pleased they aren't in my shoes. With both of them rarely do I get enjoy every moment, because together they remind them of the hard days not the precious days. Teachers at school never tell me I wish you could volunteer. Instead they ask how close in age are they? Oh you must be tired.
Friends who have been in my shoes say, one day they will be in school and you will find your life again.
Everyday they wear me out, everyday I keep them from not killing themselves, everyday I think we should never leave the house again, everyday I think you have got to get out of this house immediately.

This is my everyday look. Worn out and exhausted ready for naptime.

Luckily everyday, they look at me with their big brown eyes, and hug me or kiss me, or tell me they love me. I'm not sure what is worse never finding order again or them growing too old to kiss their momma.

I call them, their partners in crime, because boy is that them. I need a printable for their bedroom when we move
Partners in crime, then in small print, love their momma, because the only thing they love more than being naughty together is vying for my attention.

They are truly thing 1 and thing 2.

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