Friday, April 15, 2016


I'm a little confused but keeping the faith.
We felt like we should move so I assumed our house would sell quick. Everyone told us oh the market is hot, things are moving so fast.
Three weeks into, I'm not sure the forecasters are right, I know multiple people with their house on the market, no ones is selling.
As far as I can tell, we have the most showing, but still no offers.

We priced high which was ok, because I didn't want to close until school was out. Last week my husband said to me, I'm praying to know if we should drop the price, you should to. I got the answer to be patient. So I thought an offer would come in by the end of the week.
I continued to pray about it every day, I felt good about it. Then I said, ok, its now 40 days from school getting out, lets drop the price. I sort of felt like whatever we think is best. I thought we would get an offer immediately that's why I was told to be patient for a week.
Still no offer, which is fine. But none of this was what I was expecting.

Everyone told us the market is so hot, it will sell above asking the first weekend. I watch all the listings in my town, nothing is selling. I guess the forecasters were wrong. Part of me says maybe we should move if the market its hot. But then again we feel like this is the right choice for a family and if the market is cooling its only going to get colder.

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