Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Have I mentioned how stressed I am about my 3 year old going to kindergarten?
Summer birthday are the worst!
If I start him in kindergarten when he is 5, he turns 5 two weeks before school starts. He will be in full day kindergarten and in my opinion needs to go to pre-k before kindie.
I'm not ready for pre-k this fall, I don't think he is either.

Or I could put him in kindergarten when he is barely 6. I think that is what I am going to do, because I can't picture him in 4 months sitting in a classroom letting a teacher try to teach him how to write his name.

Sometimes I fear the only reason I'm waiting is because I don't want him to grow up. Then I watch him and think about his personality and I think he'd be much happier spending the winter digging in the dirt and running around the park then listening to a teacher teach him the difference between a question and a statement.
Dirt is far more appealing then circle time right?
I actually have never met a parent who isn't happier with their child the oldest in kindergarten. Do you know someone? Do I want to hear their opinion? Will it help me make a more educated decision or will it just stress me out more?

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