Wednesday, April 6, 2016

More Grace

Last week my husband was taking the CISSP test. Don't ask me more information about it, I know nothing.
Work paid for it, along with a trip to go to a conference to help study.
For the past few months, he had been waking up and studying at least an hour before he went to work in the morning.
He was stressed about taking it, since his employment was paying for it. He didn't want to fail.

I told him, you have done all you can, so now all there is left is to pray and hope God makes up the difference. I understood this principle when I was in school, but I realized I had forgotten it as a mom.

I don't think I'm a lazy mother, I feel like I give my all each day, its never good enough, someone is always annoyed at me, and I'm always both physically and emotionally spent at the end of each day. Motherhood wears me out so much, I'm also not convinced I'm that swell as a wife either.

But I realized the same principle applies. If I'm giving my all, and preparing as much as I can for life/motherhood, I have the opportunity to pray to God and faith that he'll make up the rest.

That doesn't mean you pass every test, or that everyone is happy with you, but does mean you know you gave it more than your all.

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