Wednesday, August 12, 2015

No Colombia

Two weeks ago we heard we couldn't move to Colombia for a few months. Legal had to be the buzz kill. But its all good. About a month ago it just started to not feel right.
Which I thought was odd, because it had totally been right before. But what Brent had been saying for months, is I don't know if we are suppose to move or just prepare to move.
Apparently just prepare.
When Brent told me it was a no, I told him he needed to text our neighbor. Our next door neighbor is renting, and has been looking for a house in the area. We "showed" our house to him twice, we had agreed on a price, we hadn't done anything official or legal yet, but he stopped looking and said just let me know by September when my lease is up. So we had a soft offer. I felt terrible that we had to back out of our very soft deal.
We were out of town at the time, and I was nervous to come back because in the past we've been on good terms with him. His little boy plays with Nat, and my baby refuses to not wander in his driveway. (Pray we get good renters next to us next time.)
Last night we talked to him on our front lawns. Brent said, hey, I feel really bad we had to back out. He said, oh no worries. Actually it was freaky what happened. Not an hour after I got your message, another neighbor (He lives two houses down in the other direction) called me. He said we've decided to move, are you interested in buying our house? So now its all official, he bought the house which is on our street. We only told him no two weeks ago.
The interesting thing I've never got the impression he is terribly religious, but you could tell he was trying to make sense of it happening so seamless. In fact, I might have not thought a lot about his story if he wouldn't have been so shocked. He brought it up multiple times how it couldn't be a coincidence and how it was obviously meant to be. Since both conversations happened the same afternoon.
If it wasn't for his bafflement, I might have not though anything about it but now I've been thinking about it a lot. Sometimes I think staying in our house its a terribly boring plan, but that conversation was the last nail I needed in the coffin to tell me this is where my family is suppose to be this year.*
That being said, I also KNOW we needed to go down the path to plan to move to Colombia. Its weird that both choices were so right at the specific time.
Lastly, in total weirdness. The family that is moving, is moving to the same area of town we thought we would buy our next house in if we had the opportunity to go abroad.

 *I think it seems boring being here another year, but I'm not actually complaining. I like my mortgage as far as mortgages go, I like my yard, my trees, my swingset, my kitchen, less stuff, our neighborhood, our elementary school, our friends, our friends from school, our community (although I wouldn't mind a few more liberal friends), my husband's commute, the weather, the views, less stuff in the garage. Its just I never expected to be at the same elementary school going on our 5th year. Soon I might even like my kitchen chairs.

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