Friday, August 14, 2015

My third child turned three.

My baby boy finally had a birthday in which is mom was not sick! Hooray. Last week during his birthday we also happened to be at grammy's. He had to have an H plate. My baby boy is the three year old. Get over it. Its just life because he is the momma's boy. Although I have to find a new name for him. I potty trained him this week, and he is officially a big boy now. He stays up with the big people instead of going to be with Ikey. (His idea definitely not mine.) Yes, Turbo really does call his little brother Ikey, that or Ike. I'm not sure I hear him say anything else.
He wanted another doggy cake. But I said no, mostly because I like to do different cakes every year. This year did not disappoint. Although he did need a dog on his cake. Which then ended up also meaning a bald eagle bigger than the cars needed to be on the cake. Its a 3 cake not an 8.  At least the bald eagle was only 2 inches tall unlike the 8 inch tall one he was trying to convince me to buy. Not only did I think it would swish the cake it was three times the price.
I modeled it off of cakes I'd seen online. My daughter said mine looked better. I asked because the secret ingredient was love? (because I assure you mine did not look better) She hugged me as she exclaimed yes. Then told Grammy about her cake when she turned 1.

The next day we went to the candy story with Grammy and Grandpa. It was a dream come true! The candy store was our experience birthday activity. I want to have experiences for birthdays even if they end up being more money than presents. So we don't have more and more stuff. He still got presents, because gosh golly he's only three. But I did spent less than $20 on them.
It was actually like the cutest candy store I've ever been in. 

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