Saturday, August 15, 2015


One of the very important reasons I took a chance with Brent was because he liked backpacking. I had been backpacking a grand total of 2 times, before I met him.
But that makes me tough, you know?
He thought so.
He wanted a girl that wasn't afraid of roughin' it. He, his friends, and former scout leader were impressed I would try water skiing when I never had been before. I was surprised they found it so surprising. I do anything I want, (which isn't everything).
I tough it out better than most teenage boys when we go backpacking. I don't need an outhouse, pillow, change of clothes or running water. But I do need a massive amounts of clean drinking water. I can not move one more inch without constant water.
Plus the joke's on Brent I get altitude sickness. :p

So Brent, he likes to backpack. Indeed his mountain man-ness is one of my favorite things about him. But it has some huge downfalls.
Like High adventures. How many weeks I've missed of my marriage because he has been camping with the Boy Scouts?

Oh well, I still love him.

I've decided my little boys are old enough to be a better support him. So I'm been happy while he's gone. I had no melt downs. (I'll be honest last year when they were practicing for a dance festival, I encouraged my husband to not show up. They didn't need him, but I did.)

What changed you may ask? Well my mental health is healthy. That is important. Sometimes I'm supportive sometimes I can't handle being the only parent at home.

But last Sunday, I saw him on the stand with a boy that use to be one of his Deacons, he is now 16. After four years some of those young men will remember Brent their whole lives. I wondered if he is the type of leader that they will remember fondly or will he just be that one in the background of their youth that didn't make impact on them? I realized a lot of that has to do with how supportive I am as a spouse. So I've repented and started again. (He is FB friend with boys that were his deacons in Springville, who have now gone on their missions, come home and are now full-on adults. So weird! He always shares with me their big life news.)

I wasn't expecting a test of faith in less than 3 hours. But it came. After church he said to me, so we've decided to give up on ____ ___ for boating. Brother ______ said he could take us. Ok, I replied. He said the best weekend for everyone is a week from Saturday. I said ok. He asked, you do realize that is two Saturdays in a row. I replied, I know. He said the high adventure this week, and boating next. I said, I'm aware. I know, its ok.  He looked at me and wondered what happened to his wife.

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