Thursday, August 27, 2015

Five Years

I've been a ball of emotions lately.
I'm not sure if I'm enjoying my time home with only two toddlers. I'm not sure I want them to grow up. I know I don't have a choice. But other moments I think toddlers are the most exasperating creatures on earth, and I sure do love my children once they start kindergarten.
My oldest child practically cries if I try to hug him. He does not like physical affection from most of his family. I'll be honest I'm not sure I'm really loving having two toddlers at home, but I don't want them to grow up because then maybe they will never hug their mama again. They currently adore me, because they are at the age, where they come up and hug me out of the blue. The other day out of the blue, the three year old said Mama, I said yeah? He said, I love you. 
Toddlers are beyond exasperating but I'm not sure children ever love you as much as they do as a toddler.

I'm working on my photobook from 2011. I'm a little behind. I found these pictures, turns out my oldest use to willing touch me! I'm not a very touchy person so I almost get. I know as a teenager I put strict limits on my mom's affections. But I'm 100% not ready for my little boys to ditch me at 7. I'm hoping they don't. I keep seeing things from friends on FB who have 11 year olds saying one day this boy won't want to hug me good night.
Maybe there is hope.

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