Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well my whole house is clean, which is no small feat with two small children.  All the bathrooms, all the carpets vacuumed, everything.  The kitchen floor swept.  Yet company doesn't come until Tuesday. With two small children you can guess what we will be doing Tuesday morning, yes.... cleaning.
That being said, with our new extra added space of 833 sq ft, I've been trying to teach my children how to clean their own toys up.  We are really making progress, they can't really finish themselves, they start to wane but they can start on their own and get about 50% there. Which is alright by me! Ok, sure I will they did a 100% without me, but I'm pleased with the progress we've made over the past 6 months, because they use to do about 2% without me.

Lets take a quick detour at the end of this post.
The house we rented when Nan was born was 1,850 sq ft.  To pay for Brent's MBA without loans we moved into a 1200 sq ft apartment for 22 months. Now our house is 2,033 sq ft.

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