Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Parable of the Snowboots

I forgot to post this a few weeks ago.

Just kidding no parable, its straight out story.
Last winter as you may remember my son got mild frost bite on his feet.
Here is my lesson learned-- its never worth it to buy second hand shoes. I learned this when J was a toddler after a few pairs, one just never fit right.  Another velcro didn't work any more.  I can find shoes on sale for $7-$13 its just not worth it to save maybe $5 off that price for crappy shoes that don't work.  (Last year I got Nan brand spanking new nike tennis shoes for $12 on sale at REI)
Yet some reason I decided to try to save money last winter and buy him second hand boots.  Yesterday I bought snow boots at walmart for $17 that have a -5 degrees on the label.  $17, I tried to save $10 last year on my son's boots and instead ended up with an expensive visit to the doctor to figure out why my son's feet were covered in a red rash and why he wouldn't walk.

Buy used clothes, buy used toys, buy used couches, but save your money and buy new shoes and boots.


  1. I've always said no to used shoes! Now I feel better :)

  2. I love used shoes but used snow boots are such a pain. You are so right to buy them new because they need to function properly or you are constantly having children that won't play outside or want to come in before everyone else because their feet are cold. AND frostbite now that is scary. I also hate it when they just fall off the kids when they take a step because something doesn't connect right, velcro, laces or broken zipper...My little guy needs boots, I have two pairs of snow boots that are just too big and he comes right out so we will be off to the store to buy a new pair soon. AND he will never be able to wear his sister just older then him because all of her stuff it pink!