Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Can we talk about weddings for a second?  Maybe marriage.
If you were smart you would say no.
I'm sure by the end of this post, my mom will be silently shaking her head at me.

Pinterest is by far the biggest time waster in a long time.  Girls seem to love post strangers wedding pictures on pinterest.  Although many are beautiful, I don't really care about weddings. (Although I terribly miss watching new episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress", I honestly don't understand that guilty pleasure.)  But there is one picture on pinterest that I keep seeing, that intrigues me.
A large part of me doesn't understand why people want to get married.
I wanted to be with my husband forever and forever, but for a long time I saw no purpose in getting married.  Even after we were engaged, I wondered why we had to get married.
But being the good mormon girl I was, I decided to act rationally, and follow what I had been taught since I was a wee babe.  Not to mention, I think my husband really really wanted to actually be married to me.
So I did what I had been taught my whole life.  I studied what my church leaders taught and I prayed, A LOT. Honestly I saw no purpose to be married.  But eventually my religion answered me, and I decided I wanted to be married. If I want all my life possibly could offer me I KNEW I wanted to go to the temple with boyfriend.  I knew I wanted to be with the right person, but I learned I also wanted to be in the right place-- the temple.  If I believed what I proclaimed to believe, then I believed in the priesthood, and I HAD to be married by a priesthood leader. (I capped had, because honestly I had to, if I believed what I said I did, I had to, or I didn't actually believe.) After that my decision was easy.  Ok, that's not entirely true, being engaged was one of the hardest things I've endured in this life, but I never backed down from wanting a temple marriage after making my decision. The trial of my faith that came after I decided to on my temple marriage was a testimony that it was the right choice.  I have no doubt with some of the experiences I had during those four months that Satan did not want me to marry Brent in the Temple. Moral of the long story, so I know why I wanted to be married.
But its a puzzle me on why other people are so obsessed with weddings.
If it wasn't for the temple, I'm sure my husband and I would have eventually gotten married, I think no matter what I wanted, I think my husband did want to be legally married to me, and so we would have eventually been married, but it would have no been a big affair.
Overall weddings are very puzzling to me.
When we were engaged, people would ask me about my wedding.  All I could ever think, is I don't care about the wedding, I just want to be married to be Brent.
(I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a romantic.)
I will really never understand the money people drain into weddings.
Although I'm grateful most people seem to want to be married, I really do think society functions at its best when people are married, and children are raised with two parents in the same house.  If it wasn't true some of the political experiments dictators tried in the last century would have been more successful.  But as far as I've read, any society that tried to destroy the family unit and raise children differently, have all failed.  History has proved that strong marriages and families is the best way to propagate a good society, and healthy economy.

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