Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Twenty-Eleven

Trunk or Treat was on Friday, and we were supper rushed to get there by 5:30 (we were late) and it was cold, and so by the time Monday came I was all Halloweened out.  Then evening hit, the kids both ate dinner!  We got dressed warmly and it wasn't that cold so we were all pleasant.  It was wonderful we had so much fun trick or treating. But I'm getting ahead of myself.  I'm the assistant room mom, so I was at the kindergarten halloween party.  Josh's preschool teacher dressed up as Cinderella, it was so great, considering it was kindergarten, and she is "the blonde pretty single kindergarten teacher."  The classroom teacher's assistant was the Fairy Godmother.  Also awesome.
 I pulled out the trusty cat ears and dressed up.  J gets excited when I ask him if I should dress up.  Also apparently my husband likes me dressed up, because when I ask him if I should dress up again, he always says, I don't see why not. Wearing a black shirt, black pants, an orange cat halloween shirt and cat ears counts as dressing up right? What did I do at the party?  Played Don't Eat Frank. (Which is really Don't Eat Pete)
 Now back to the evening, like I said, the kids actually ate dinner with out crying.  We got all ready to go.  Once I again I put on my cat ears. We wandered around a street and half in the neighborhood.  The kids filled their buckets and Nan tripped about eight times.
By that point, we came home to pass out candy. The kids had a blast passing out candy.  The best part is we gave away all the candy the kids collected that we didn't like.  We also listened to some rockin' halloween tunes on Pandora. When the Monster Mash came on my husband was impressed with my mash potato but maybe it was just the cat ears. Once we all had tummy aches from candy we turned off the lights and went to bed.
 J's costume was obviously a success, because three different groups of boys instantly knew he was a Rock Monster. Turns out I made his straps too long, its bothered me everytime he put it on, but not enough to fix it.  The robot turned out well I think.

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