Friday, November 4, 2011


I have some what of a black thumb.  But its probably because I'm not so good about remembering to water plants, or I over water them.  I just don't get it.  But there is a grape vine that is here from before us, that grew wonderfully, and I took care of it all summer.  Making sure all the vines stayed growing upward.  Then in July, when my husband moved in with us, he cleaned out the garden.  So my son and I planted pumpkins.  Yes, july is a little late in the season, especially when it snows a month before Halloween.  But we got three baby pumpkins growing.  Not to mention my intent was accomplished.  My son learned a lot by watching the vines grow.  Snow broke all the vines, so the three pumpkins were cut off from any nourishment.  Out of the three that started growing, one shriveled without a vine attached to anything.  One was eaten by something.  I know it was eaten, because one day I yelled what happened to it, and my son pointed behind me half was gone, and the part that was left had tooth marks.  Two days later it was completely devoured. One lasted, here it is.  It wasn't even green anymore! 
 The kids were jealous they didn't get their picture with the pumpkin, so they jumped in.
Now it sits on our front porch in all its baby pumpkin glory.  I keep expecting it to mold, its soft since it didn't get big.  I guess, I don't know why but its been soft ever since I touched it after the first snow storm.

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