Monday, November 7, 2011

Catch-up Gratitude

I behind on my month of gratitude.  So here it goes...

  • Day 1:  Living with my husband.  That is something we take for granted a lot, if in deed our husband is home a lot.  But after this year, I haven't.  Not to mention, he has a business trip at least every 6 weeks, which reminds me all over again.  But I'm not complain about every 6 weeks. Its not everyweek, or gone for months at a time, or a year.
  • Day 2:  Snow days, they are so fun!
  • Day 3:  This sounds ridiculous but its true, our TV, I love watching movies and TV with my family. (I was reminded this from listening to a radio talk show, a lady's 30in flat screen broke, the guy told her it was probably cheaper to buy a new one for $200, then repair.  At first I thought we spend way more than $200, but then I remembered how nice our tv is.  Not to mention during the snow day we watched cars 2 with our kids.  I heard bad reviews, but I loved it!  We love Mater in our house.  Plus I loved all the throw backs to other spy movies, the car chase in europe reminded me of Borne movies, Finn jumping over all the roofs in Italy-- 007 in Quantum of Solace.  I loved Cars 2.  Although I guess I'm weird, everyone loved Toy Story 3, and I hated it; I was so disappointed in it.)
  • Day 4: Chatting online with my husband, its how I know we are still in love, that and a million other reasons, he's the only I still chat with online.
  • Day 4.5: That I get to love my kids all day
  • Day 5: Ice Cream
  • Day 6: The hand of the Lord in my life and His love that is a constant blessing in my life. I'll also say, even though the sunbeams drive me through the roof more than not, I'm grateful for them too.  They teach me so much about the Savior and his love for us.
  • Day 7: A washing machine and dryer that work in my house, while we at I should say a heater, and a dishwasher, a fridge, all of them.  What blessings, that we ignore.

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