Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have recently read the secret to a great looking kitchen is not a expensive renovation but empty counters.  What can you take off the counter that is currently being stored.  I worked a little organizing magic, and now my spices fit in the cabinets.  Not only that I emptied two drawers, which is no small feat since I only have four, and now the big full crock of giant spoons and what not is gone, and they all fit in one of the no longer empty drawers.  The best part is they are right, my kitchen is amazing right now.  In fact the counters are a mess, because I was at a relief society activity instead of cleaning, and they still look amazing, because I got two bulky clutterly looking items off the counters.  Now to fix our microwave so we don't have two microwaves in the kitchen, and get one off the counters.

The relief society activity was watching 17 Miracles. You know that movie about the Willy Martin Handcart Company.  I didn't really know what if I wanted to go, I have been in Primary since week two in this ward, I really don't know a lot of people, but I ended up going.  Mostly because three months ago my Visiting Teacher mentioned she when she was serving in primary she tried very hard to attend lots of Relief Society activities so she still felt apart of the Relief Society. That gnawed in the back of my head, and I went.  Not to mention I knew my mom really wanted me to see the movie.
I took two things out of the movie.
1. The girl next to me said, it makes me want to get more food storage. I thought true true, we have great intentions now that we are settled, but few actions.  I need to get with the picture.
2. In the movie, one of the characters said something like, We gave up many things to make it to Zion. If all my children stay faithful all their lives it was worth it.  At the end of that sentence, I thought what do I give up for Zion, so my children will be faithful?  Then I thought I probably don't need a new toaster oven.  Our current toaster works fine, I can wait many more months.  Now this may seem very bizarre, but it all makes sense in my mind.  The less I buy, the better off my finances are, and the better our finances the more reverent our home will be. Some things are needed for the house and others aren't.  New coats of paint are were in my opinion needed because cleanliness is next to Godliness. Our walls were filthy, and with new paint and clean walls I can definitely feel more at ease, and peaceful. But toasters to replace working toasters, well that is probably frivolous.
Our countertops are a different story. We both hate them, they old and stained, and we are constantly wondering when we will change them.  I know it will happen one day, but I hardly know when.  I want different ones, but yet I know life will go on without new ones, and at this point I don't want to spend the money.  As long as I clean them they actually don't bother me too much, because I know how much it will cost to change them.  Who knows.... We are now back to full circle.  We aren't getting new ones this year, that's for sure, which is why I'm trying to do everything to improve the kitchen.  Whats a new countertop if you can't see it? Bizarrely enough I couldn't endure the dirty walls, but yet I have no problem enduring a counter I don't like.

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