Thursday, November 17, 2011


First off, where do you think I hid my magic erasers?  How can I clean the tub without them?  Even though I have four toilets, and five sinks, luckily I only have two tubs, and luckily only one of those is used for baths.
But that is off topic.
I love my oreck vacuum, I would never tell anyone to buy anything else.  Unfortunately it came with the dumbest iron in the world.  But who wants to buy a iron, so I have been suffering for years.  Luckily I rarely iron shirts, never pants, so the only time I suffer is during crafts.  My iron seems to have one temp, too cool for iron-able fusing, and too hot for other things which it burns. I called my mom wondering what I was doing wrong with my fusing she told me it sounded like my iron wasn't working right anymore.  I said its never worked right, and I guess I should finally buy one that works. She told me to buy a shark.
But this black and decker is on clearance
Then today when my friend asked we wanted to come play I asked if I could bring my latest craft and use her iron. She has a rowenta-- oh my goodness I was in heaven with it.   Just thinking about it makes me want to iron my husband's shirts that he doesn't care about being ironed.  I quickly fixed my fusible ironing, and wanted to continue because the iron was so nice.
This rowenta is $10 cheaper than hers.
But even $40 is a lot to spend on a iron.  I wonder if JoAnns has them for cheaper if I use a 40% coupon.  What iron to buy....
Can I get a $50 iron for $15....

Am I the only one that loves typing so much that even once my post is over, I'm sorry to stop?  There is something so calming and nice about typing.  I have been wondering if my 5 year old is too young for typing games, then I thought I want to play typing games.  I love watching my kids being pills while I type away at my computer.  I have nothing to say, but yet my fingers want to continue to tap away.  I guess I should finally finish.  The best part about playing a typing game is I have become slow and sloppy in my typing I'm sure at it, it would nice to get back on the ball.  A few years ago my father was in the room while I was blogging and he comment how fast I could type while watching J roll on the floor, but yet I'm pretty sure I'm WAY slower than I was in when I was in computer classes in school.

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