Thursday, June 9, 2011

Raspberry extravaganza

Last week was Raspberry Extravaganza at our house.  The local grocery store had them on sale for a $1 a package, I haven't seen them at that price since J was Nan's age.  I went planning to buy 20, they were advertised as 10 of 10.  But then they were in boxes of 12, 6 up top 6 below.  And since I was there first thing in the morning, had a busy day ahead of me, and had two whiny kids, I got confused.  I'll admit it, and I thought I was buying 18, in actuality I bought 36 packages.  So we ate a bunch, froze a bunch, and made jam.  Here is our jam adventures. Sadly enough I didn't realize how many I was buying until after I paid. I wondered why I was being charged so much.  Sometimes, I embarrass myself.

 "More" please

Don't worry she did the dishes after she made the jam.  So instead of cleaning up just raspberries, I also got to clean up the dishes.

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