Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is what our backyard looked like in February when we put an offer on the house.
 Here it is, now in June.  Spring has sprung!  Maybe its summer, who knows all I know is three weeks ago the heater was still running at night, and I was wearing fleece jackets all day and sleeping under three blankets.
 I want to trees on the hill, so eventually in the summer we won't be able to see our neighbors houses. I think this is my husband's plan, but I'm not really sure.
Do you notice all those sprouting things in the middle in front of the wall?  Those are cattails, imagine that, cattails that naturally grow in my backyard?  I am suppose to live in a semi-arid desert?  That's what happens I guess when I live below a neighbor with a sprinkler system? Except none of my other neighbors have a marsh, I guess we were just lucky?!  I told Brent all the benefits of a pond without the drowning hazard.
Our hill is so overgrown and full of weeds. Remember the house was bank owned, so the yard has a fair amount of neglect. We are working on cleaning it up and it is enjoyable since its ours, except for when I have to clean up petrified dog poo-- the problem with a discount price. But with my husband's schedule and my allergies its not going fast. I am currently on allergy medicine, which works fine until go out to work.  I get about about an hour of work before my allergies are so bad I can't function.  I go in and wash my hands, arms, and face and 12 hours later, maybe get another hour in. Work is really slow, but this is a big yard, .25 acre for people who have never had a yard.
Also anyone want to donate a $100 so my children can have a swing set?

P.S. Oh my goodness, our lawn looks terrible.  I thought it did then when my husband got home and mowed it he was so proud there was green. I think we need a turf builder or something.  So much to buy for a house and so little money.  Remind me its fun to be house poor.

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