Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am Mother Hear Me Roar

On Saturday I took my children hiking by myself, I think we hiked for about two and half hours.  I felt so empowered to do something like this.  I have never taken them hiking alone.  It was so fun, I needed to be in the outdoors.  I had lived here over a month and had yet to get out and get to know the mountains.  We had a great time.  
 We were in Waldo Canyon, I just found a hiker sign off the side of the road.
 I wondered about the littley, her daddy get impatient and carries her most of the way, since she is only 23 pounds.  But she did great, I only carried her a few times.  In fact she was a rock star hiking down, she would have to stop and wait for her big brother.
 I am so blessed to live by so many mountains.
 See no other adults.  I'm super woman, we are going to have such a fun summer while daddy goes to work.

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  1. What fun and the sun was shining! I can't wait to come and visit to see all the mountains and trees for myself!