Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Front Porch

We have a front porch how quaint is that?  (And no eviction sticker, I scrapped that off two weeks ago!)
 When my husband showed me the real estate listing online, I told him I wasn't even interested in looking at the house, I thought it was ugly and dated looking- mid 90s forest green splendor. We looked at it anyway, because there really wasn't much in our price range with at least a .25 acre lot.  Luckily we did, because we now live in it, and I love it. But for months all I could think about was painting our house.  I thought it was hideous. The Lord has soften my heart, since I don't have the money to repaint the outside and the inside. Inside got picked first.  The exterior paint is not my favorite, but at least very little of it is peeling off.  So I've decided to accept it and embrace it as a member of my family, and love it for who it is, because who can hate a front porch even if your mom doesn't like dark trim? Not my five year old.
Speaking of, I assembled this child size bench myself, used a power tool and everything.  Sometimes independence is a blessing.  Only sometimes though.  My son wants you to know this bench says, "The Circus Choo Choo Railroad". Don't mind my daughter for looking so tragic.  We love her anyway.  Being a little girl is sometimes harder than a boy, because adults insist on giving girls longer hair than boys.
P.S. Based on the porch seating, I'm a single mom.  Poo! on school!  

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