Thursday, June 30, 2011

Phone and Friends

I must have friends here, because instead of carrying my phone every where I go, and looking at it so forlorned  every night wondering why I never get calls, I leave it downstairs, I leave it on the floor, I leave it my purse.  I take a nap and think, hopefully that is far from where I am while I sleep, I don't want anything interrupting me.  (I actually hardly ever take naps, but my daughter does.) At first I found this odd, then I realized I must be getting enough social interaction here.
That must also explain why I'm not annoyed at my husband for being quiet and sullen, in fact I've taken up the practice its quite nice to not talk. Sometimes I think he confused, he doesn't know if he should be relieved or play damage control for who knows what.
I go to two different playgroups/park days every week.  It sort of makes me exhausted, to have two mornings a week absorbed in social interaction. I'm actually not exhausted at all, I just think I am when I contemplate my summer schedule. Its a fine line between too much and not enough conversation. My brain can never decided if its introvert or an extrovert.  Whether it needs people around to be energized or whether I need my alone time to survive the world.

Its weird, I just spent 20 minutes talking on the phone to a friend.
My husband went a man-date, this friend cut our chair rail for the kitchen!
We went on a double date.
We have people over for dinner.
It takes a half an hour to get out of the church building because there is so many people to talk to.
Two playgroups.
All new experiences.  I think the last time Brent and I went on a double date with a couple not related to us, was when we were engaged.

Not to mention we have sidewalks!  We walk to parks all the time. Not to mention a yard and a driveway.

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