Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I told y'all I was released from Relief Society secretary. Now I'm one of the wolf den leaders. Wolf as in cub scouts, its the 8 year old boys at cub scouts. A few weeks ago I was feeling excited.
Now I've been put in charge of volunteers for cub scout day camp, I'm feeling a little deflated.
I was just thinking, overall I love being a teacher. Overall I get really worn down at organizing people. The Lord seems to think I should be an organizer, I've spent a lot more time organizing church events in my adult religious life than teaching.
Overall I get it. I really do.
The other day I was in a meeting and someone said the Lord is more concerned with our progress than our comfort. Teaching is my comfort. Leading and organizing pushes me out of my comfort zone every calling, in a new way. In much the same way every time you finally get a muscle to stop hurting after a workout you find a new muscle that needs to exercised.

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