Sunday, June 7, 2015

Colombia or Not

Did you hear, we got bored with our wait-list to Spain. We decided we wanted to move to Columbia. Colombia you ask?
Why Colombia?
Well they speak spanish.
They are in the same time zones as the US, a need for Brent's job.
They have fast internet in their cities, another requirement.
We keep reading Medellin is one of the best places to vacation with children.

So to know this decision you need the background. A month ago Brent came to me and said I think I need more education. I want to take some programming classes this fall. I said ok, and we talked about it for a few days, I suggested possible schools.

A week later he told me an old friend contacted him and asked him to apply for a job. I fairly ignored the process, my husband applying for a job is nothing new, or eventful. Headhunters love Brent. He talked more and more about it, normally I don't hear that much about applications. The night before his first interview, I asked, you're serious about this aren't you? He said of course. I said, well then I guess I should be praying for you, and this, and put my faith in action. He skeptically asked you haven't? I said honestly, you are always scheming, interviewing or planning. I wait until they are serious. He said, yes, I need your faith. So it was there, all I have, my heart was on the line for his/ our future. A few interviews in the process one day everything changed.  I spent a 18 hours confused by him. The morning after, I prayed for my husband, not for the job, I prayed to know what was up, and for patience because I was annoyed at him. A few hours later he came to me and said, lets move to Colombia. Are you ready?

For months he had been telling me this, and for months I said, not until Spain is off the table. Spain is not off the table. But I said probably maybe, lets see. All of a sudden it became clear the interview had not gone as planned, he had lost interest in this dream. (Days later he told me, the interview started going poorly and he realized this company was never going to let him move abroad.) He told me he wanted to ask his boss as soon as I was ready. I said well we need a babysitter I'm not moving abroad without going to the temple with you.

The following day was Sunday, at church I got this clear thought. What was the answer 5 and half months ago when you were in the temple? I told him, he could talk to his boss whenever he wanted. He did. In less then a week, we were planning how to put our house on the market. I said we weren't ready he said, we've been working on it for 6 months.

We cleaned our house like crazy, our neighbor who renting wants to buy in our neighborhood. We showed our house to him. Then HR came back and said they won't make a decision until the middle of July. Ask us again then.

HR is always such a buzz kill.

Its been up and down week. We were looking at rentals in Medellin. I was planning curriculum for home schooling for 6 months. We had developed all sorts of plans, so quickly everything was falling into to place so easy. We thought we would go. Never have the plans fallen into place so quickly and easily. Plus we had an eager buyer for our house.

Then HR.

Now we are ho humming. Its lame.
Brent still has hope.
Depending on the day, I'm not sure I do.

Last Saturday, I thought I should fast. It wasn't fast Sunday, but I felt like the guidance would help. It was a very meaningful Sunday. Brent and I had a lot of great discussions, he had a great lesson in Teachers Quorum, we read a conference talk, we discussed our patriarchal blessings. So I'll be honest when HR didn't make a decision, it made it hard to keep up cleaning my house or do my daily 10 minute spanish lesssons.

Giving up cleaning was ok. My children need an in-tune mother more than a clean house.

I'm not sure where we stand.
Whether we go or not, I have no doubt what the spirit has told me. I've had some very clear unmistakable impressions. That being said, its not until you look back you see the path all lined up. Right now, I'm standing in the darkness wondering where the voice is leading us.

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