Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Carpal Tunnel

Along with the blood work for hormones, I went to the doctor for my carpal tunnel. I ALWAYS get postpartum carpal tunnel. Some people don't think that is a real thing, but it is.

With my first child, my mother paid for super poor/broke me to have a couple of rounds of acupuncture to get rid of it, when he was a little over a year old, and been weaned for four months.

With my next two kids it went away after I weaned them.

This time, I think it got worse after I weaned him. I pretty much was in pain every day all day, before I went to see the doctor. I was planning to demand physical therapy.
I got x-rays and she sent me home with a treatment plan/exercise. I was suppose to take anti-inflammatories until I came back in. Wear a wrist brace and do exercises twice a day. When I started the exercises I couldn't complete a single one without crying my wrist hurt so bad.  And never once did I do them twice a day. But within two weeks, there was huge improvements. So the doctor didn't refer me to physical therapy. I assume it because I didn't ask. Maybe? I'm not sure why, I think I was more concerned with my blood work, and the garage sale Brent was doing without me. :/

I have a follow up in three months so I could ask then if I want.
I think the real reason it flared up so bad is because I have a big only partially walking baby. My first baby didn't walk until 14 months, and I had carpel tunnel for months after he weaned. My second baby was walking at 10 months and fully walking independent by her birthday. Plus she was my skinniest baby. My third baby walked at exactly a year, and HAD to become an independent walker quickly because I was pregnant, and knew I couldn't carry him and a new baby. I didn't want him to associate me not holding him with the new baby. Plus by the time I was 4 or 5 months along, every step I took was painful.
But baby #4, he is the BABY. He is my tubbiest, chunky baby. He can walk, he can run, he can climb a full sized playground. But he can't walk on my schedule, he refuses. He trips over everything when I try to lead him somewhere, and in a parking lot, its easier a lot easier to carry him, and only keep one toddler from walking in front of cars. Oh yes, Turbo has walked/run in front of multiple cars, no matter how tight I hold on to him. So I'm still carrying baby #4, all the time, and that is what is killing my wrist. But honestly, nothing is going to change until he is capable of holding my hand and walking. So I wear my wrist brace everywhere I go with my 16 month old, because if I do that, and sleep in it. I have barely any pain.

That and I've started exercising with hand weights. Its amazing the difference, if I get busy and miss more than a day I can totally feel it in my wrist.

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