Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bilirubin and Lycopene

I recently went to see a doctor for myself. I haven't done that much since I was a child. Sure I've seen plenty of OB/GYNs but overall health exams haven't happened much. Mostly because I go see a doctor and they say you seem to be in good health I don't know why you are here.
Before I got pregnant with my daughter I went to see a family practice doctor. We discussed my overall health. We discussed that I was concerned with my low weight. He asked how much I ate, he said well if that is true, then I think you are just suppose to be thin. Now looking back I think he was a dork for saying that, at the time I thought oh alright.

So now 7 years later, I went to go see a doctor. We discussed my concerns then she order lab work. Duh, why has no doctor ever order lab work unless I'm pregnant?

In my opinion, the most interesting thing the blood work told is I have elevated bilirubin levels. Not high enough to request more tests, unless I want them but still high enough that it was marked up special to be noticed. Since its not causing jaundice the doctor is unconcerned. But like I said other tests- she told me I could one day ask to be tested for Gilbert's syndrome, which is a condition that is not harmful, but causes high bilirubin, and since its not harmful it doesn't matter if you have a diagnoses. But I had previously mentioned to her that from time to time my liver feels achy. Now I know why. I always thought it was from stress or something. I don't know, what, that's what everything is blamed on is stress right? So then a few days later it was aching again, so I looked up how to lower bilirubin levels, it said eating red foods. Some red foods like tomatoes and watermelon, are rich in lycopene. Thanks to Brent we just happened to have a bowl of cut up watermelon in the fridge. So I ate a bunch then we had spaghetti the following night for dinner, tomato paste is high in lycopene. I haven't had a problem since. Not to say it won't be achy again, but I'm glad I know what to do to help it now. Also the internet says, sweets and sugars aggravate inflammation of the liver. Yeah... that's what the natural health providers keep telling me over the years. Don't they know that I love a good cookie without nuts of course, or cake or ice cream... I guess the positive thing is I don't drink alcohol.

The luckily thing about my blood work is all my hormone levels were normal! Wahoo, I can't tell you how exciting that was to hear. That is the reason I went in, to have my blood taken to see what was up with my body. Turns out nothing, I'm just detoxing from three years of baby growing hormones. The doctor told me don't expect to feel normal until its been 6 months since you weaned. Since it had been 4 months when I first saw her, and I was still feeling off. I believe her. Sadly. My iron, everything else other than vitamin D was good. Vitamin D isn't surprising considering my complaints.

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