Tuesday, June 23, 2015


After turning 30 and having two babies in a less than two years, I had no muscle strength, no endurance and overall my body was gelatinous goo.

We went hiking a year ago and my 5 year old could hike faster than me. It was in a different part of the state and it below the altitude of our neighborhood so I couldn't blame it on oxygen. Overall my body just stopped being able to keep up. I didn't like it. Brent had both babies strapped to him, and would wait at each switch back for me, while the kids were long gone.

I spent a year getting in shape. That and my slip disc, I had to get in shape to get rid of that pesky problem, I'm glad to say I can't remember the last time I had problem with that.

But I'm not an exercise junky, I don't exercise because I love it. I exercise because I know what its like to not be able to walk ten house down the street. I exercise because I know what its like to have every step cause pain through my body. To avoid ever using the stairs because every step hurts. I exercise so that never happens again. (My pregnancy pain was not caused by a lack of exercise.)

So I now I exercise everyday, the year after postpartum depression is the easiest years for me to exercise. I'm not an exercise junky but I can definitely tell the difference between normal life and an endorphin high from exercise. A few months ago I stopped taking a nap/reading/watching tv during nap time. I started exercising while watching tv. Its a little something I've done to hold myself accountable, I don't watch tv during the daytime until I'm exercising or folding laundry. I don't quit my workout early because all the tv shows are 40 minutes and I wanted to watch the whole thing.

Still its hard to be motivated everyday. They say exercising with a buddy has better success. So I text my husband a lot through nap time to stay motivated. One of the reasons I exercise is to keep up with my husband. I will never be able to hike as fast as him, or anything similar but I don't want to be left on the couch because I can't try to keep up. Since one of my motivating factors is him, I feel like my daily texts are justified.

The other day I told him before work, I'm going to be hotter than you because I work out daily and you don't. That's the other reason I text him about my workouts in hopes it wears off on him. He too has felt the passage of time and now comes home from a hike/basketball game/cycling being sore. Yes, my husband has been blessed to rarely feel sore before he turned 33, but now he needs to keep up his health too.

That night as we were getting ready for bed, he clarified, did you tell me you would be hotter than me, because you work out? I replied, yes. He laughed, and said, you already are hotter than me.

So fast-forward to today. I texted saying, I'm so tired, I don't think I can work out today. He responded saying, well then I guess you won't be as hot as me. That is all it took, I got on my exercise bike, I did my hand weights, I did my core strengthening. My husband, was planning on taking the varsity scouts on a mountain bike ride tonight, I didn't want him to workout on a day I did not. I felt better after my workout like I usually do. Then I passed out on the couch at 3:30 for 5 minutes at a time while my daughter repeatedly asked me to play a card game. At 4:15 she finally got her wish.

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