Saturday, June 13, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa

Brent's parents spent the last year and half serving a mission for our church in Nashville Tennessee. For the most part they are the only senior couple I know who has served a mission, at least the only one I've talked to about their mission. (My parents have been anxiously engaged in other church assignments that have kept them from a senior mission.)

They served a mission previous to this one eight years ago, and I have to admit being around them after their missions makes me want to serve missions one day when my husband and I are grandparents.
On their first mission they missed the birth of 4 grandchildren, and I think the baptisms of two. This mission they missed the baptisms of those same 4 grandchildren, and the births of another four grandchildren. In case that wasn't specific enough they missed the birth of J, and his baptism 8 years later, and also the birth of Ike. Which means last week was the first time they met my youngest. I do not say all of this to complain, more to just state I'm sure a senior mission is not always easy for grandparents.

For about a year when its Turbo's turn to pray, he repeats after us. When we say please bless grandma and grandpa on their mission. He would say, Daddy, grandma and grandpa. I THINK he was saying, Daddy's grandma and grandpa. I mean sure they are his parents not grandparents, but I think that's what he is was saying, to differentiate between my parents.

So on their way home to Utah they came and visited us for 6 days. We all had a good time. All the kids enjoyed their grandparents. We went to the mining museum, the money museum, the toy store/candy store. We took them to the library and then took them grocery store. The kids and grandma had so much fun in the store.  Grandma pretty much bought everything they kids asked for, it was a dream come true. Cupcakes, pixie sticks, chocolate bars, strawberries, kiwis, cantaloupe  pineapple, lunchables, chocolate milk, Popsicles.

On their last night here Brent and I went to the temple together. You know we average every 6 months attending together, instead of tag teaming because of kids. We left right before dinner time. Grandma had grandpa go to McDonald's to get happy meals for the kids. Brent and I attended the temple together, then went out to dinner. It was such a nice evening out.

When we got home and everyone was in bed. I told Brent the house smells like your mom. Sugar, warm yeast, and fruit. He laughed, saying there are worst smells to be known by. She made cinnamon rolls with the kids after dinner.

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