Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baby's 1st Easter

I have a gruesome tradition of putting my babies in Easter baskets.  Here it goes:

Ok, so my recent baby is almost 8 months and too big to fit in a basket but here he is with the stuffed Peeps.

 Baby #2 at four months just barely fit in the basket.
 See in this basket was too small, so I had to get something different.
Baby #1 was perfect size at barely two months to prop up in a basket for Easter.  But once I looked at this pictures again today, I realized these are the type of pictures my kids will one day look at and ask why?  Obviously two months is young enough you can still stuff them in Easter grass.  Easter grass has since been banned from my house.

 Oh baby #3 is just so darling.  He loved taking these pictures, with his mom and dad's full attention while holding bizarre toys.  He is covered in spots, he has Infantile Roseola.
After looking at these pictures you could say which one of these things is not like the other.  Yes, in comparison to the second two kids, I wonder how the first managed to make into our family through the genetic gene pool? Can you believe at the time, I couldn't ever imagine having a child that looked any different thinking, he was a perfect 50-50 mix of my husband and I.  Plus now you know why I'm always shocked to have bald babies.
Now I will leave you with one last Easter picture.  A cell phone pic, in my cousin's apartment, when my oldest was barely 2.  Adorable, look at those cheeks!

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  1. It would be more gruesome, if when you found that the baby was too big for the basket, you trimmed him to fit.