Friday, March 15, 2013

Hard Conversation

Do you know what is a hard conversation to have with your first grader?

A few nights ago I got an email from his teacher.  His teacher's sister lost her baby.  The baby stopped breathing the day after she was born, and didn't survive.  His teacher was very looking forward to this new niece (she has no children of her own). She told the class (as well as many parents, including me) about the baby. She was very excited, and obviously something like this is always heartbreaking.  Its hard to tell your first grader about what happened, and why is teacher is gone for three days.  His response, "That makes me really sad!"  I know buddy, you and me both.  It makes all of us sad. We have been praying for them, I guess that helps.
I guess the bright side of things is there are a lot worse things to tell your kid, I guess I should count my blessings. (I have an extremely annoying habit of looking on the bright side of things.)

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