Friday, March 8, 2013


Last Friday we went to the Aquarium with a bunch of friends so we got a group discount wahoo!  My kids wanted to go so bad the first year we moved here, the second year I was pregnant and we never ever went to Denver anymore. We finally made it, but it had been so long they forget they even wanted to go.  Yes, my daughter looks terrible in this picture, but I love my son it in.

They have mermaids! at this aquarium.  My daughter and I thought it was super fun!  They were really people who swam in the fish tank.  Yes, I know this picture is terrible.

Hmm, how did this picture get uploaded.  T-bone is very special. He was given to us when my daughter's head-wound wouldn't stop bleeding, so he has a special place in her heart.  T-bone is the toy, not the baby.  We also love Baby A.

This too is blurry, but I wish it wasn't so I posted it.  Aquariums make me very sick, so my hand was shaking too much to get a clear shot of these boys.

The end, it was fun.  Hopefully I post the pictures from my camera too, not just my phone.

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