Monday, April 1, 2013


Yesterday, my daughter drew this cute picture of Jesus hugging her in primary.

On a side note, she just barely started drawing pod people, and just started writing Ns. In a way I thought her artistic fine motor skills were behind other kids her age from stable homes. (I knew she wasn't truly behind how a doctor would measure.) Then she was cuting paper and a child quite a bit older than her said, wow you are really good at cutting. And it clicked my daughter has focused her skills on other artistic pursuits. Half the kids her age and older can barely hold scissors, and Nan can practically cut a straight line.
She also has a far greater interest in filling in the entire coloring space then coloring in the lines. I actually love to watch her color, because I can almost see her brain say yeah, I could try and color in the lines, but why bother, I want 100% completion. When I pursue creative outlets I'm a mess! As are my kids, you can't let cleanliness get in the way of creativity. Although yesterday my daughter did ask, "mom can I cut paper if I cut over the trash?" Sure!

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