Friday, March 8, 2013

Day after

I felt so invigorated that I was a fun mom on Friday, I wanted to be a fun family on Saturday.  I woke up and told my husband such.  Eventually we ended up at Home Depot, which was serendipitous since they had kid craft day.

They made red camarys just like Grandpa's car.  Plus they are fuel efficient just like grandpa's too.  His is a hybrid.

Then they got to race them.

I want to go back each month on the first Saturday.  Then we looked at countertops.   How my husband knows how to woo me. Have I ever mentioned I love walking around Home Depot telling my husband all my dreams for the house. It was very useful, family date, I've now decided what Brent wants, and so its nice to have a clear goal.
New Counters are #2 priority on my house 
#1 Is painting my last two bathrooms, which could easily be a weekend job, I just have to do it.
Since I'm not getting new counters for probably at least 6 months, (I'm hoping before the Holidays) I finally pulled out all my bleach cleaners and cleaned our current white grout tile countertop.  Still awful, but much better.

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