Friday, March 8, 2013

More Aquarium

Look the baby came too! I'm excited to have this picture, it seems like my babies never get photographed when we do fun things.
 My daughter is a very unphotogenic age, so I posted this, so we could see a picture of her without her purposely closing her eyes.

 Boy with the Shark

 Now the Jelly fish

I learned something while at the aquarium, if I ever want to do anything fun with my kids I have to bring water and high protein snacks, or else I would just brick wall before its over. Then I become a very mean mom.  I lasted until it was time to find lunch, I was so proud of myself, then I became an mean mom.  I should have drank a quart of water when I nursed the baby, and probably a handful of craisins or nuts.  Instead I thought I might pass out from faintness on our walk to get lunch.  I had my baby in the sling, and so I put the four year old in the stroller, and I made my 7 year old hustle as fast as his short legs could take him.  I knew it was unfair to him, but I really thought if I go slow or stop I might faint.  I thought I need water, but I was afraid if I stopped to pull out the water, I might not get back up to finish our walk to get to the food.  My husband suggested I suck on hard candies when I do things like this with my kids.  Aquariums make me sick, so I brought a coke to drink after the aquarium, took dramamine before I started, and ibuprofen during. I think if I would have drank water and had a protein boost in the middle, I would have made it.  Unfortunately I didn't, so instead I got tunnel vision near the end.  I tried not to notice many of the tanks to combat my aquarium sickness which did not help the tunnel vision.  Its very hard to carry a baby and watch two kids with tunnel vision.  A few years ago I figured out I get tunnel vision if I have to carry things in my hands.  We use to do lots of fun things without dad before we moved, and I figured out I can't stay more than two hours and be fun, I just get too tired. I have to carry water in my pocket, my camera in my pocket, and a high energy snack in another pocket. Its been so long I forgot. I often left the diaper bag in the car, if we needed something we would leave.  Its the only way it works for me, although I think if I want to continue to be a fun mom, it might be good to utilize a backpack if I don't bring a stroller.  I often don't like a stroller, because the baby never seems to stay for long, then you have a stroller and a baby.  Not good. But if you have to park far away from desired even, you need a diaper and a cover up if you are planning to feed said baby, which would be where a small backpack would be useful. I often wonder why I'm weak sauce, but then I realize it is what is. We all have our own trials, and so I just need to remember how to survive and enjoy.  I'm glad I did this, so now I know what I need to do to take care of myself in Costa Rica.  Plus the kids had fun.

P.S. I just realized, sour hard candies, that is what I need.  I don't know what it is about the sour, but it totally gives me a jump start.  Then again too much candy just makes me drag.

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