Friday, February 8, 2013


Remember Molly our friend next door? (Click on the link, my daughter isn't a baby anymore!)
Yeah, she moved, we were sort of sad.  Next door is a rental so most likely another pet will move in, but will it be a nice calm dog that wants my kids to pet her?  Odds are not great.  For the part part the novelty of a dog next door wore off a year ago, but still she was a great neighbor.  Plus when my kids would ask why they couldn't get a pet I could say you don't even pet Molly anymore.  It was sad ever since we got the swing set, Molly would sit at the fence looking at the kids longingly while they would play on the playground. The only time they would pet her anymore was when I told them too.  She just looked so sad with the kids ignoring her.

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