Thursday, February 28, 2013


I know my 16 faithful blog readers love hearing about my health, so here is one tale about me and calcium.

When I was nursing my first baby, I got super bad carpel tunnel syndrome. Turns out it was a calcium deficiency. At another time I asked my then chiropractor about my wrist that was in pain. He asked if I slept with my hand all curled up. I didn't know/ notice. He said I think you do if you can sleep with your hand straight, it will help the pain dissipate. It's hard for me to do, I often trap it under my pillow so it can't curl up. Over my childbearing and lactating years I've learned if my wrist and hand are curling up/ withering up while I sleep, I'm A. Not getting enough calcium, and B. probably need to switch back to a liquid calcium. Liquid calcium is truly disgusting, so I try to get away with pills, which its fine when my body is only providing life for me. When I add another human being to the mix capsules don't work. I also try whenever possible to hold my babies with my thumb next to my fingers, but that doesn't always work, sometimes I have to use my opposable thumbs as they were evolutionary made to be used, even if it hurts my wrist. (I think that is the wrong tense of evolution.)

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  1. I do the same thing with my hand when I sleep. Every night I have to consciously straighten it or it's pretty painful when I wake up.