Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seven and Art

I have a few thoughts, that interconnect.
A few weekends ago, after my husband I finished watching a movie, he was flipping through our ten channels that come through the tv antenna.  I'm not sure why we do this, if we would just go to bed immediately after the movie we would be so much more rested.  Anyway, he ended up on the documentary about two artists.  It made me think of a lot of things, mostly I miss art in my life. Crafting seems much easier with small children around, but its not really the same thing. Mostly because I can finish a craft much quicker, and because it take less creativity.  The last time I took an art class I was in my second semester at college.  I didn't take anymore because of the massive amount of time it took.  I was a busy girl in college, in my four years, I acquired a husband, a child, and a degree. The documentary made me think about that, you only have so much time, especially as a mom, so a lot of things get put aside in hopes you don't miss much of your children.  You hope you can always come back to other interests as they grow up, but you can never come back to their infancy and early childhood.
When we lived in salt lake, we (my children and I) went to the art museum bi-annually, it was only 20 minutes from our house.  My daughter was still at the age that she was easily contained in the stroller, and my son loves art too.  My four or five year old (depending on his age) and I would discuss what we like and don't like.  It was salt lake so its not a huge museum but it was a good size for small kids.  I guess we need to find the art museums around here.
My son is like me when it comes to art, no one would look at our art and think it was the best for our skill level, but we love to create it.  Our art is often messier than those around us, but we still enjoy it.
This week, my son checked out a book about art from the school library.  It came with a note, "Lesli you might want to check the content of the box, before he reads it."  I checked it was fine to me, it was art, but I guess some parents would mind.  I don't know it wasn't scandalous, the book had a few pictures of Italian religious art, where the angels/humans don't wear much more than a sheet.

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