Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uh oh, we are in trouble

This morning what I was getting the older kids ready for school, I put my baby down on that gray polka dot blanket.  This is where I found him.  He didn't crawl, yet, he has just figured out how to roll and scoot to get things on the floor.
Speaking of which how in the world do you baby proof your house with a four year old and a seven year old? They are like tornadoes, I clean a room, and when I turn back around, you would have no idea.
I married into a family with freakishly mobile babies.  If there are any single girls out there reading this, this is something you should research before you commit.  Life is easier when you babies aren't mobile early.  I had no idea I should research such a thing, all I worried about was whether my future husband had a nice shaped  back of the head, not a freakishly huge head. I would one day have to birth on his offspring.  I did find a man with a nice average size head, but our first baby was head was 75% while his body was 25%.  So even research doesn't always work, but our second two babies, had nice small heads, so odds are in my favor.
But in blogging words, I digress.
We love our baby A because is a slow mover for us!  His brother was 3 months old when he did this, Baby A is 5.  Hooray for slow babies!  I think our daughter was 4 months, but I honestly can't remember.  She did it slower than her older brother, but she definitely wasn't as slow as baby A.  The best part about our daughter is she was mobile for two months before she realized she could crawl past the invisible fence of our area rug.  Baby A, apparently sees no such boundaries.  His older brother almost immediately figured out he could move rooms, once he started his mobile rolling, he was also crawling by this age, we figure its only a matter of weeks for baby A.  He pushes up and kicks/pushes his little legs as fast as they can go, then he gives up, and rolls to where he wants to go, and scoots around until his hands can reach.
I can only pray he doesn't walk at 10 months like his sister.  That isn't even early for my husband's family.
Oh, baby A, we love your slow body!

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