Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hair Cutting

About two or three years ago, I started to cut my son's hair.  I had been buzzing his and my husband's for years before that. Overall, I hate cutting hair.  I use to beg my husband to tell me to take J into great clips.  Sadly though, my son didn't want to go get a $10 hair cut, he wanted me to.  It was terrible, I hated every minute of it.  But then I would be done, and I would have ten extra dollars in my pocket.  It wasn't ever perfect, but in a few days, you couldn't tell the difference, and half the $10 hair cuts is probably worse than mine.  Over the years I've hated it less.  I still don't enjoy it, but I love saving the money, and I'm getting better.  Now after watching youtube videos how how to give Faux Hawks, I'm wondering why I haven't tried learning how to cut my daughter's hair. She desperately wants me to cut her hair. I use to cut her hair, then it got too thick and overwhelmed me. Plus my neighbor who was in hair school offered to do it for free.  But now we don't live there, and taking her to get her hair cut, overwhelms me.  What if its a bad cut?!  Plus two of my friends' cut their daughter's hair.  Who will teach me how to cut my daughter's hair?  And then cut mine! I live in dire fear of a crappy hair cut, I'm also extremely cheap! I guess youtube here we come, but I've had real life practice and tutorials for boys hair....

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  1. you can do it! if you were near-by I'm cheap and do cuts for babysitting trades sometimes haha!