Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Date Night

Last week, Brent's employment treated us to dinner.  It was wonderful, it was the second time we did this in two months.  Turns out it fun to dress up slightly nicer and eat an expensive dinner, especially since I'm not paying for the $20 a plate, plus dessert, hors d'oeuvres and salad. Its also lovely to leave my children with a babysitter.  I have a new friend that moved in a few months ago, with a 15 year old daughter who already has experience with small babies.  It makes me nervous to leave my small baby, but I like that she actually knows how to care for him.  The other teenagers that have held my baby seem rather incompetent. My other babies were only ever watched by family members.
Dinner was fantastic in my opinion.  I order a filet mignon, I bought a whole cow last year for my freezer, and its not the first time, but yet we never get filet mignon I guess, the butcher takes it as a finders fee. It was superb. For dessert, I got cheesecake, and my husband got chocolate mousse cake.  His was much better, which was fine because we shared and I ate the majority anyway.  Then I took the left over dessert home for the next day, they were huge pieces. I still dream about that chocolate mousse cake.
As far as company went, when we showed up we were by far the youngest couple in the room.  A few minutes later, this other couple walked in, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, the girl glaring at the guy in such a way that  said, those! those right there, I want to sit by the other young couple.  This couple was a few years younger than us.  I thought it was humorous, Brent asked the girl what she did, (he worked with the guy), then as social customs dictate, they asked what I did.  I said I stay home with three kids.  Their eyes sort of bugged out a bit, and the guy said, wow, three kids, I bet that is more than a full time job.  They were a fun couple to chat with. The dinner was quite lengthy, we left at 6:30 and didn't get home until after 10, but there could have been many more awkward pauses with other couples. As I was getting ready for bed, I thought I wish there was some way to politely say, I stay at home but because I want to--  I do have a degree in Political Science. A few days later Brent and I were reminiscing I guess, and I mentioned that. Brent said, you don't have to feel embarrassed that you stay home with three kids, not everyone can afford such luxuries   I realized Brent was right, plus the guy knew where we live, and we don't really live in the cheapest area, so to live in the expensive town and stay at home, is quite a luxury, even though I agree it is a full time job.
The girlfriend had a really cute outfit.  At one point when she stood up I thought why don't I have a pencil skirt like that.  (I'm never too happy with how mine fit.)  Then I noticed her pencil skirt was quite short, she had black tights on with it.  I then realize oh yes, that is why my pencil skirts don't fit like that, because 6 inches of white hanging out the bottom of a black skirt is not attractive.  Which is why I'm never too happy with how pencil skirts fit, I am so tall, that its hard to find one that fits in the right place.  I also know some people have long pencil skirts that go beyond their knees, but if its suppose to hit below the knee and it hits above mine, it also doesn't look right.  Her top was also super cute, and I admired it all night long.  When I was about to brush my teeth, I said to Brent, I was sort of jealous, her nice clothes weren't ten years old. (Staying home with my babies is a luxury, but I definitely make sacrifices, likes not buying expensive clothes.) Brent replied, of course they weren't 10 years ago, 10 years ago she was like 13.  Oh good point. Ah, to be young, carefree and in nice clothes.  I guess the positive thing is I can still fit in the nice clothes I bought 10 years ago. Also I don't THINK they look ten years old.
It was a fun evening.  Even though we went to two nice dinners in two months, I don't see anymore in the foreseeable future.  Too bad... Its been fun.  The second dinner was a much smaller affair, and a yummier dinner.  So it was really fun, but the first had fake gambling after dinner, so that was also fun.  Who knew I was such a pro at Roulette. Black jack on the other hand, apparently my tired mommy brain didn't care for counting to 21.

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  1. I've felt that "need to justify staying home" feeling but I agree, I make sacrifices to be a stay at home mom with one car type of family :) I love it.
    I love dates!