Thursday, January 31, 2013

Morning or Afternoon

Its time to sign up for preschool for next fall, and I'm stressing myself out.  When I signed up my first, I made sure it Morning, so our lives could get started at a decent time.  Now with my second it doesn't matter, we have to be up for my son to go to 2nd grade next year.  (WHAT?! 2nd grade?!?! He gets baptized in 13 months.)
Anyway, I debating about putting her in afternoon preschool.  One year olds only take afternoon naps right? In which case if Nan wants to play with her brother during the day she needs to go to school in the afternoon. For some this might not matter, but Nan's world spins for the sole purpose of being with her family members. Plus afternoon has smaller classes, and, and, and....
Morning gives me time to run errands without her. I don't have to make sure we have to eat lunch on time.
Afternoon gives me my afternoons all to myself.
Even though she hasn't napped regularly in over a year, I wonder, will she be too tired in the afternoon.
What to do, what to do?
Right now morning is our first choice on the forms, because less people want afternoon, so you can always switch to afternoon, but you can't always switch to morning.
Overall they both have pluses and minuses, but overall I just want to pick what is best for her.  Since that is the whole reason she is preschool.
Any advice out there?

Update: While sitting in line waiting to pick up my son from school, I thought, this could work, she could do afternoon.

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  1. from the sound of it I like the afternoon idea but with mine still all napping I'd need the morning :)