Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For Valentine's Day

I have a story for all of you (ie my 10 faithful followers), since its less than a month until Valentine's day.  Oh like 20 months ago we (as in my husband and me) thought I was pregnant.  We weren't planning on being pregnant yet, but none the less, I know many people with surprises so I guess it could happen to us too. I was in denial, not really denial, I just don't like taking pregnancy test.  I think they are a waste of money, either you are pregnant or your not, nothing changes with a pregnancy test.  Instead of wasting my money I looked up when the the due date was.  It was terrible!  It was February it made me want to cry, I didn't think I could handle a third birthday, and a holiday all in the same month. Eventually my husband convinced me to waste my money, and I wasn't pregnant.  I was so relieved, I did not want another February birthday. I also had no interest in another December birthday. Have no fear my third baby was born in a much less busy month.  AUGUST!  Oh wait, no.  As far as I can tell December is the worst month for a birthday, ask anyone with a December birthday.  Then as far as our family goes February is pretty booked up, but back to school is about the third worst time for a baby.

Don't believe me, I am pretty sure I've never seen a picture of me looking more zoned out.  It was a lot to have a baby and get two kids started in school.  (And this lame picture makes me want to scream!  What the heck is wrong with blogger, they must be the only application that doesn't allow to rotate pictures.  On my computer is is rotated correctly, just not on STUPID blogger. @blogger you hear that, update your code so users can rotate pictures.  #bloggerneedstoallowpicturestorotate )

I have wonderful birthday months.  If I was good at planning my children's birthday months I would declare I will never again have a baby in February, August or December, because those are the worst months for birthdays.  But I have never had success in planning birthday months, I don't have high hopes in my abilities   All of my children have been planned, just not what month they were born.

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  1. we celebrate for 7 months of birthdays/anniversaries/holidays (Nov-May) Jan. has nothing, then we have a break! it's nice with just one thing/month basically. Clumps of celebration could definitely be stressful!