Sunday, September 2, 2012

Like his sister

At first I thought my son looked like my other son with less hair. 
Son #2
 Son #1

 But then I realized they both just looked like babies.  He actually looks like my daughter, I noticed this about a day before everyone started telling me this. One of my friends was holding my baby the other day, and kept laughing because he looked like Nan and kept making facial expressions like her. So here they are in a picture together.  She was trying to copy how his legs were, but was having a hard time since her legs are so much longer body proportion wise.
Here she is as a baby.  I looked for a picture of him looking at the camera, but he doesn't like to have his head straight on, so there are none.  She is propped on a pillow so maybe I should try that.
 Here they are looking at each other.
Shh, don't tell my son that the baby doesn't look like him much. He was hoping to have a twin little brother.  You know how some families kids look identical just years apart.  Yeah, no soup for us. I've never ever thought that child 1 and 2 looked alike. I found this very bizarre when child 2 was born, I thought we would be one of those families were all our kids looked identical just years apart.  I don't know why I thought that.   I think child 3 is the missing link between child 1 and child 2.
You want the run down from what I can figure.
Child 1 and 2, have the same nose, belly button, and toes (meaning child 3 has a different nose, toes and belly button)
Child 2 and 3 have the same shaped feet, narrow and slightly pigeoned toed
Child 1, 2 and 3 have the same mouth (lips) and chin (but child 1 and 2 have different teeth)
Child 2 and 3 have the same forehead and eye shape
Child 1 had navy blue eyes as a baby, child 2 had light blue, child 3 has navy
They all have different ears
Child 1 and child 2 have different body types (beyond their obvious boy and girl factor, they have different shoulder and torso shapes.) Child 3 too early too tell, but he has long arms and broad shoulders, I wonder where he got that from? Child 1 does not have broad shoulders and never has.
Child 1 has his daddy's head with my forehead, child 2 has my head shape with her daddy's forehead.
Yes, I'm obsessively observant.  This is a curse I tell you.
Child 3 has his daddy's cowlick in the front, and I love it!  Brent hates his cowlick, and when our first baby was born with no cowlicks we thought he was the most perfect baby ever.  (I have a double cowlicks in the back.) But now I'm absolutely in love with the fact my second son has the cowlick.

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  1. I totally thought Mary would be a girl version of David. But she's obviously not. It's funny how different siblings can look (and be) from one another.