Sunday, September 2, 2012

Third Baby Bear

Have you ever read You're All my Favorites by Sam McBratney?  Its about three bear siblings who wonder who their parent's love best. Spoiler alert: Their parents prove to them they are all the most wonderful baby bears in the whole wide world.
Well when I was in the hospital three and half weeks ago holding my large and bruised third baby, I kept thinking, "this is the most wonderful third baby bear there ever was, and that is a good answer too". For that to truly making sense you need to read the children's book.
But its true, I knew he couldn't be the only perfect baby, because he was my third baby.  I knew he couldn't be the best boy ever, because he was my second son.  But he definitely is the most perfect third baby ever, and that is a good answer too.
Speaking of the hospital, my son was a gangster thug with his ears sticking out of his beanie just like how his daddy wears his beanie in the winter. P.S. this boy had his daddy's ears too.

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