Friday, September 21, 2012

The Scout Master's Wife

I've finally started embracing my role in life as the Scout Master's Wife.
My husband left on a camp out tonight, I told him to have fun.  His response, I don't know about that.  I complained, wait you have to have fun, because I don't actually want you to go.  He said, all that matters is the boys have fun, as the leader its not always fun.  What? Then I sighed and said, well in seven years when those boys go on missions I guess these campouts will be worth it.
Six months ago, I would never imagine I would have been capable of such an exchange.
Would you like to hear about the evolution to this?  My husband has been assistant scout master twice since I met him.  This is his second tour as scout master.  The only reason he hasn't spent more time in scouting was our nomadic lifestyle. We often moved, and often moved in wards without scouts, plus there was the two years in the MBA, where he had no free nights.  My husband being who he is naturally became friends with the young men's/scout leaders after we moved to this ward. He loved camping and the outdoors and usually the young men's leaders do too.  Everday he wasn't Scout Master was a gift to me, a tender mercy.  I knew the Lord was giving me a rest.  But low and behold, he got called to be Scout Master in July, luckily right after scout camp. THANKFULLY! For the first few weeks I thought I was being picked on, at the same time I wanted to be a better support than I was last time around.  Last time around, was one of only two times in my life I question my regular church attendance.  It was the first time he wasn't assistant scout master, and I was pretty sure suddenly we started attending a church that was different then the one I grew up in, I couldn't believe how much time it absorbed, and I was pretty sure I could not handle this commitment for the rest of my life.  My mom assured me that Scout Master is one of the most time intensive callings in the church, right below Bishop.  I read, Side by Side: Supporting a Spouse in Church Service, and decided I could handle this. I prayed a lot, and I also reminded myself of the conversations I had with my bishop about my husband being scout master.  I grew up, became an adult, even-though I already had an 18 month old, and I endured.  I must admit it was hard to say good bye to that ward.  They held a part of our souls from the time we sacrificed.
This time, once again, I started to feel picked on.  Not for the time involved, this ward isn't as strapped for priesthood leaders, but I started to realize scout master is a career calling. I thought of my brother in law (Brent's brother) and realized he has been scout master the entire time I've known him. My father in law has also spent a good portion of his life as a scout leader.  I wondered why I was stuck with a husband who was destined to be Scout Master?  I'm pretty sure no one told me what I was signing up for when I said I wanted to marry him.  Then I read, Trails to Testimony, in it is quoted a Seventy who told Bishops to pick your best man in your ward and put him in as Scout Master.  I figured if my husband is indeed the best man, I could share him in this capacity.  I also saw the vision of Scouts better.  I'll be honest, even though all five of my brothers are Eagle Scouts, as is my husband, I always though scouting was sort of weird and stupid. Its not that I don't like the outdoors, I love them, I just never saw the vision of scouting. What does merit badges have to do with the Gospel? I now know, I now get the vision, I now know why my husband stays up stressing over who to have as his senior patrol leader, or how to get the boys to behave better than 12 year old boys.  I understand the vision, actually I guess the pay off isn't in 7 years its in 9, when they come home from missions.  That doesn't mean I don't sometimes whine about all the time it takes.  I now appreciate much more all the time all my youth leaders and seminary teachers put into my life. I only slightly complain when I have to sew on patches, and I get why my husband takes the boys out camping each month when plenty of leaders would skip months.  I guess that is why he is a good candidate for scout master. That being said I'm still not trilled with the campouts. And to all the mothers of boys out there, please don't tell me the reason why you aren't buying your son's scout shirts. For someone reason women think that is my role as scout master's wife, to take away their guilt, but I refuse that role. I think wearing a scout shirt each week is a great lesson to be learned, and I thought that long before I understood the importance of scouting.  I was taught long ago the importance of dressing properly for an occasion, and wearing your scout shirt as a scout, to a court of honor is the only appropriate attire.  That being said I'm pretty sure the scout shorts are never appropriate.
Yes you heard me, my husband should have never worn those shorts. I'm not even allowed to show that much thigh.
My guess is that picture is from the day he got his Eagle, but I don't know.


  1. I love scout shorts and the socks are so English!

  2. "Last time around, was one of only two times in my life I question my regular church attendance." Yeah, me too. Thanks for your optimism but I hate my husband's scoutmaster calling.