Saturday, August 25, 2012


I wrote this the last week of July, but per request of my 6 year old, we were keeping a secret.

My 6 year old is a champ and half.  There comes I time when a lot of things need to get taken care of before school starts and before your mom has a new baby.
Here is the week my son had, first we went to the dentist on Tuesday afternoon.  He was actually really quite excited.  Turned out his needed a filling on one of his molars.  Speaking of molars the hygienist guess he would get his 6 year old molars before losing a tooth. He seems to have my molars. The dentist said, usually kids get cavities between teeth, but J has yet to have any of those, instead his molars are so deep they get fillings. Since I'm having a baby in a few weeks the dentist wanted to get him in before I delivered.  That meant two days later J got a filling.  The dentist twice in one week! This cavity was still young, so they didn't even numb him, it wasn't anywhere near the nerve, but they did drill a bit and then fill it in.  I think we need to invest in sealants.  I have had quite a few fillings that way.  Our molars are just too deep, I guess.
Then on saturday, my husband watched the girl and the Olympics, while I took J to the pediatrics.  He hadn't been in a year and half, and my husband thought he wasn't seeing well. Luckily he didn't get shots so he really didn't get poked and prodded too much. The nurse had him read the eye chart and boy did he struggle, he was so cute but I felt so bad for him.  We assured him he did nothing wrong, he got frustrated and worried why we were asking him about things he couldn't see. Just for posterity he is 6 years and 5 months.  He weighs 39.5 lbs which is 6%, and is 44.4 inches tall, which is 14%.  Hooray for my teeny kids!  Ha ha. They also gave us his BMI its 14.1 which is 11%.
That afternoon I called the optometrist for an appointment, and they said we can see him in two hours.  At first I was like what?  Then I realized might has well get it done before the baby comes, while my husband is watching our daughter.  So by this point it was his fourth doctor's appointment in less than a week.  I felt bad for him, but he handled it like a champ.  He was quite still for a 6 year old, and he seems to have my genes through my dad.  J's eyes are 20/70.  Poor thing, he was pretty excited to get glasses though.  Good news is, the doctor said, we've found out nearsighted kids really shouldn't be wearing glasses unless they are looking at things far away.  So really only at school or if you are somewhere he needs to see far away.  Reading, computers etc he shouldn't wear them.  Good news, that means, playing outside, inside, afternoon, he is glasses free. 
He is stinking cute in his glasses I think.  Plus its fun that he is so excited about them.  He loves discovering new things, like what you can see on the mountains.  We are struggling a little bit with remembering them though.  He doesn't like to wear them at recess, and he only wears them at school and church.  He also loved church in his glasses he saw so much, he has never been clear before.  
His sister is insanely jealous, she loves a good accessory. 

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  1. ALL of my kids have sealants in their molars as soon as they can, baby molars and the big one later. If not they get cavities EVERY STINK'N time. IT is expensive but well worth the investment to prevent those fillings later with drilling. Guess it runs in our family too.