Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life with Baby

Random Baby and Family Thoughts:
Here was my baby on his month birthday.  Great shot huh?  Like his outfit, it gets warm in the early afternoon, at which time he usually ends up swaddled in a onsies, but then in the evening it gets cold and so I send the kids up for a sleeper, and I didn't ever button it up.

 I took the next two yesterday.

  • Our baby has red hair, and has since he was born.  Who knows if he will keep the color.  
  • He adores his siblings.  He is extremely patience with his sister unless he is already upset.  
  • He smiles almost everytime he see his brother, which honestly isn't that often.
  • J told me today, I'm glad I'm not a girl.  Why?  I asked, because pacifiers are gross, and I don't like putting them in baby brother's mouth.  (His sister loves to give him a paci)  I told him dad puts the pacifier in Baby A's mouth.  
  • My baby loves his paci.  People have told me he takes it really well for a newborn.  But what do I know, my other babies hated them.
  • Last week I had multiple exclaim, "No way he is smiling already?!" 
  • Baby A has a pretty strong neck for such a little one, he loves to hold himself up instead of cuddle against your shoulder.  This provided minutes of irreverent entertainment to my husband and my husband's friend sitting behind us in church on sunday.  My husband likened it to a tree who needs it stakes removed so it can grow strong in the wind.
  • Verbally it seems like my children are all three years apart, 6, 3 and 0.  On calendar it seems they are two years and four years apart, 2006, 2008, 2012.  In fact my oldest son was 10 months younger then my daughter was when they both became older siblings.  Make sense probably not.  My oldest son was 34 months old (2 years and 10 months) when my daughter was born.  My daughter was 44 months old (3 years and 8 months old) last month. In my opinion my first two are three years apart, and my second and third are almost four years apart.  Come on everyone rounds up when it comes to talking about kids' ages.
  • I stand by my opinion that he is an easy baby, but thats only because I know what a hard baby is, and I'm always grateful I've never had a sickly baby. If my third was my first, I'm sure I would be overwhelmed by him.  He is an excellent sleeper, but in the evening he is fussy.  Imagine that a fussy baby in the evening?!  He will go right back to sleep after eating in the middle of the night, usually, but that is the only time he nurses to sleep.  The rest of the time he requires to be rocked to sleep, while sucking on his pacifier with a full belly.  Luckily once we accomplish that, it isn't unusual for him to sleep for three to four hours.  I told my husband part of me wishes he was my first, so I could enjoy my evenings in front of the tv while I rocked him, instead of alternating between doing things one handed for my older children as I rock an upset baby, to putting him down and doing things for my two older children that require two hands while he hollers for all the world to hear. Finally after four hours of the baby being upset that he does not have my undivided attention we get to cuddle and rock, sometimes he is will go to sleep in 20 minutes other times he takes an hour or so.  Over all I don't mind no matter how long it takes, especially because he doesn't mind me watching tv while he goes to sleep.  Yes, I said four hours, my oldest gets home from school at 4 pm, and baby A, is annoyed from then on, because that is when life gets crazy.  Anyway back to talking to my husband, I dream of what it would be like to hold my baby for four hours in front of the tv and rocking and nursing him, while my husband cooked dinner for his new mom recovering wife.  Yeah those days are gone... I'm just grateful if we get to spend three out of the seven evenings a weeks together, we are so busy.  But I will say, Brent does help with dinner, he  usually cooks at least two meals a week, usually on the weekends.  Considering I don't cook every night, I'm usually only cooking at the most four meals a week.
  • Baby A turned a month old last friday. Its hard to believe he wasn't in our lives a month ago-- well he was just not as a breathing human being.  
  • I put my daughter back in pull ups last night.  She pretty much has wet the bed every night for at least the last month.  With starting preschool and a new baby, her body just couldn't handle the stress I guess. I was so sick of washing sheets I could scream!  She willing went back to pull ups which I sort of thought was odd because we threatened to do that during the summer, and she totally stopped having accidents.  This time I think she was relieved.  Today was the first day since school started she didn't throw a tantrum. She did everything I asked almost willingly.  I have no idea if it was a coincidence or not.  
  • If you are on facebook you already read this, but I think I might have a disease.  Its called last one to leave a social function disorder. This is what I wrote on facebook, "I think there may be something wrong with me. I can understand being the last one to leave a party or book group, but meet the teacher night? All the other parents have left and I'm sitting there chillin' with my son's teacher from last year and this year, just chatting away (not about my son)." A cousin of mine without children blamed it on my children but no in fact I've had it for years before they came along.  I married a man with the same disorder, people are going to stop inviting us to social functions.  Brent says the party doesn't get good until most people leave.  My daughter did not inherit this disorder and it drives her crazy! I had plenty of social interaction by the time back to school night happened.  I went to book group, people came and visited me at my house, I went to play group for three hours.  No I wasn't desperate, I'm just chatty.
  • I stopped wearing sweat pants last week!  Wahoo for me!  Although everyone I've ever met and some I haven't officially met tell me I look great for just having a baby, I didn't own a single pair of pants that fit me other than yoga pants and pjs.  So I went and bought some, I felt like it was a tithing blessing.  I tried on some jeans, then as I walked out of the dressing room, I thought I should go check clearance, the only two pairs of jeans they had back there, were in the size I needed in longs. They were $7 a piece! Its a little bizarre I had to buy pants, with my first two kids I had a bigger postpartum gut, but I could get into normal low rise jeans by now.  This time I seem to have no gut, but my hips apparently grew.  Overall I don't care in the slightest, just stating history for my inner social scientist.

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