Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pink Sparkly Cast

On Friday at the park Nan had a nasty fall.  We determined she did not have a concussion and even though her thumb hurt she kept using it and let us touch it without crying so we assumed it was a sprained thumb.
Yadda Yadda, come Tuesday she stopped using her right arm.  So we took her in the doctor.  The doctor realized it was not her thumb but her wrist that was swollen.  So we got it x-rayed.  Indeed it was a bell something fracture.  Later that night Brent talked to a doctor on the phone and it turned out she had a fracture on both sides.  If you remember your biology the bone is separated into two pieces there. 
Thursday morning, bright and early, not so bright its been rainy all week.  She got her cast!  The pink cast she had been waiting for, plus it has sparkles. They said if we could insure that Nan would not fall again, she wouldn't even need a cast, it would heal on its own, but that is unrealistic for a three year old and she will be more comfortable in the cast

I asked if it was her wrist or her arm, and they said yes, which is pretty much what I told people, her arm is so little its pretty much the same area. The guy wrapping her cast talking to a nurse said it was fractured on one side and might be fractured on the other side too.  Her cast goes up past her elbow, because at her small size she will be able to pull it off, if they don't wrap her elbow.  Its good we got it, because she stopped whining once the splint was put on, once they took off the splint, she started moving it again, even though I asked her not too, and starting fussing that her arm hurt again. She has been happy as a clam since we left with the cast on.  She gets it off in three weeks.  Hooray, I don't have to fit a halloween costume over it!

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